COFRI-Martins & Azevedo is a Limited Society of familiar origin, specialized in the development of efficient solutions in the manufacturing of refrigeration and freezing equipment for both household and industrial applications.



Founded in 1982, originally by the managing partner Armando Martins Azevedo, the company Martins e Azevedo currently comprises two industrial units, being an example of consolidation and Portuguese business excellence.


Present in the foreign market since 1984, COFRI exports approximately 95% of its total turnover to a large number of countries, located in different continents.


In 1997, the 2nd generation of the Founder’s family became part of the company’s management, and with this, COFRI introduced a renewed motivation in its organization to expand and serve its customers even better, thus ensuring decisively the continuity of the company in the markets In which it operates, introducing as consequence of the entry of the new elements of the family factors of confidence added and important in their business partners.

We are a dedicated team

COFRI's team is comprised of a group of people with advanced knowledge of its sector of activity, equipped with remarkable technical skills. COFRI engineering is proof that the company is composed of competent human resources that allows us to develop new concepts and work methods on a daily basis, which establishes innovation as the path to follow.

Our purpose and commitment as a team is to clearly continue to develop efficient solutions, counting on the precious collaboration and knowledge of our business partners, whom, possessing a true spirit of collaboration, daily instill us with their technical and corporate know-hows regarding their markets of operation and important information and guidance with a concrete and clear goal of achieving the client's total satisfaction.


What distinguishes us?

At our core, there is a strong engineering component, with which we grow and acquire knowledge that allows us to create equipment adjusted to the needs of the market we are in. We look at innovation as the flag of optimization and, for that reason, technology is the driving force behind our ambition to serve the market, and it is in this way, with our natural signature, that we assume a commitment to our clients.

Its core business is the manufacture of freezing and refrigeration equipment for both the domestic and industrial segments, being a pioneer in its way of being and acting, since early bet on its strong technological capacity, combining the efficiency and productive efficiency to the component of Design and in-house development, has become and has become a benchmark in the refrigeration and refrigeration sector, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of COFRI brand products and is also able to provide high quality and efficient products for a long list Of prestigious business partners with internationally recognised brands.

Where do we operate?




Cape Verde













“We grow with you, and for you, with determination and trust in the future.”

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